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Star Kirbies

Another Kirby comic! Follows the adventures of beings on pop star, from mercenaries to heroes, and bored people to King Dedede himself. Sprites credit to the various people who ripped them.

Yoyi's Crew


Preferred ability: Yoyo. Yoyi is mostly peaceful, but will attack if he has a just cause.


Preferred ability: Prism. Miro is calm, resonable, and somewhat intelligent. However, due to a glitch in his ability, he can activate a "ragemode" of sorts by summoning rocks. He is somewhat annoyed by his wand acting as a simultaneous powersource, and summoner, despite it being quite small.


Preferred ability: focus. Redd is an optimistic, trusting and kind kirby. Ahe is quick to help someone in need, and assumes the best of everyone.


Preferred ability: Spectre. Blue is somewhat pessimistic, and quick to fight. He does follow a code of honor, never attacking the defenseless, and always keeping the fight fair. Has a pet bronto burt, dubbed Bronk.

The King and his Men

King Dedede

Idiotic at first glance, but King for a reason. He is a master at military and economy, and more powerful than the games would have you think. He does actually go easy on kirby. The only real idiocy is in his interactions face-to-face, and his ability to listen to and consider the opinions of those he leads.


Preferred ability: QUARK, an experimental ability that he uses to advance his research. He values science and power above all else, doing heavy research into the science of abilities. He is to blame for the odd abilities of Redd, Blue, and Miro.


Preferred ability: Beam. Weak, sleepy and unfocused, this kirby's only good aspects are his extreme loyalty to his king, and his almost unnatural speaking skills. He is a master of speeches, monologue, dialogue, and persuasion in all its forms.

As-Of-Yet-Unnamed Guild


Preffered ability: Hammer. He has upgraded his hammer ability with Thundrol, a legendary hammer of the same kin as Master and Galaxia. He idolizes both kirby and dedede, and uses both as a role model. The result is this leader who is easygoing sometimes, but is intolerant of any nonsense when there's work to do.

Looker and Matches,

the merchant brothers

Preferred abilites: Cupid and Metal. These brothers are the elites of Katul's guild. That doesn't say much, as there's only three of them. But while they're unfocused most of the time, They pull their act together when running their store, and when doing missions for the guild.


Preferred ability: Bomb. This kirby is a mighty prankster, even on the job. and yet, He manages to get his work done and more, even if there's a little property damage. He uses his bombs for literally everything, from transportation, to work, even to cooking!.

Kirby & co.


Preferred ability: All of them, but if he had to pick one, definitely Sword. Kirby's the hero of Popstar, and he KNOWS it.He's fun-loving, but serious when Dreamlands in peril. He always means well, though he has been known to act on impulses.

Meta Knight

Only ability: Galaxia. Meta Knight keeps careful watch over dreamland, and has learned many things. Doesn't like to have to participate in things that have no importance. IS kind of a father figure to kirby, though his methods involve whatching from a distance, and sparring with him whenever he can.

The neutral


Preferred ability: BOMZ. He is the master of the BOOM, and trained Latch in his KAPLOWIE arts. He's so good with bombs, that he can even hack his own character profile without knowing about the fourth wall. He's also somewhat derpy, though ultimately a loyal friend to his friends, and a trustworthy ally.

Cookie and Cream,

the oreo twins

Preferred abilities: Cutter and Ice, respectively. A joyfully innocent, adorable, but unstoppable combination with cookie's cutter and cream's ice. Strategy in combat, is freeze and cut what can't be frozen. Strategy in life is have a good time, and don't be afraid to dance to your own music. Literally. They have been known to dance for no reason, and even start massive no-music dance-offs. Some outer rings of combat enthusiasts know them as "death by chocolate milkshake" or something like that (outer rings aren't very consistent)

The Outworlders


Peferred ability: Unkown. Little is known about Green, except that he is quick and to the point in all his dealings.


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